Maryland Photographer: Balance

There is no such thing as balance in my house. I have been up late nights updating my blog and working in the days and taking photos on the weekends. My sink was heaped with dishes this morning. As I took my rings off to get started on them, I noticed a couple things. The first thing I noticed is the Palmolive bottle needs to be updated. The bottle is an hourglass shape of a woman, and the label shows delicate hands with painted fingernails holding a shining glass. Advertising people of the world--I am more likely to buy dish liquid that show man hands doing the dirty work. My second thought, as I took my rings off, was to do a wedding-like close-up shot of the rings hanging on dirty dish related items.
Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold
Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold


Koo said...

The rings look pretty :)
Nice photography!

tagskie said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

That Girl said...

I really love the meaning of these photos. Or at least what I think they mean.

That although marriage is tough at times, like the times when your the one stuck doing late-night dishes even though you have to get up early to take the kids to school, it also always means that you have someone there beside you at that street corner of tough and tired doing them every other night.

Great photos. I have a camera but my photos don't turn out anything like yours.