I have excuses...lots of them. Holidays, computer is dying/dead, home projects, and a teensy bit of burn out. BUT, I am ready to get it moving again. I never thought I'd actually need inspiration. I am usually endless with ideas and creative passion. But you know what inspired me today? YOU! 21 FOLLOWERS?!?! And that is just other people on Blogger! THAT IS WONDERFUL! I am honored, and cant wait to bring you my best photos and writing to touch your lives and keep the love spreading! Get ready for a playing a little bit of catch up (Holiday photos, birthdays and more!)and look forward to Senior Portrait April. THANK YOU ALL so much for following my blog, believing in what I do, and forgiving me for my much needed break from the grind. Holding down home, family, travels, work, customers, is no easy task--but I love challenge and I will keep it coming! Here is a photo from last spring, and I think it is what we need today in Baltimore where the weather is ANYTHING but hot. Beaming, bright, confident, and just brimming with excitement for what is to come. I can relate. Cherish every moment.