The Spirit of It Flies By

It Flies By

It Flies By is not just a business for me--in fact it is probably 99% passion and the business part just happened upon this way.

My son. My first son changed ever so slightly every single day and while I was so happy to see him grow and change, with every milestone I held these tiny inner vigils to say goodbye to the smaller, less advanced version of him that I held months, days, sometimes just moments before. And I couldn't let these moments fly by without being honored in some way. And so I thought. It Flies By. It does. And I bought a web domain to document his life called And it was mine. It was unused, but I owned real estate on the web and that was step one.

Then, my love for photography started to grow. I felt that the photos I was taking were a lasting gift that I could pass to my children, my family, and anyone who could appreciate the world as I saw it. I also felt that photography as a passion awakened a tie to my grandmother who was very influential in my life and was the person who documented my own life through photos.

I am a believer in delayed gratification, hard work and reward. I told Nate that I would like a new camera (DSLR) when I had nursed Remy for one year. When he was just 10mths, Nate surprised me with a used Canon Rebel he had purchased for me. And with step three in place, I was ready to begin my life document of my son and my family--It Flies By.

But what happened was that I wanted to be able to provide others with the same feeling--as though they had properly captured what it was about their own children today that made them--them. I wanted to share what I had--my eye, my art, my ability to tell a story in one frame--I wanted to not only tell my story and the story of my family, but I wanted to tell a new story of the world and people as they are and how I'd like them to be in the world of photography.

99% passion. People and Pictures.

Welcome to the first in a series called It Flies By. Customers are happy--and returning--so I can tell their story too. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.