Maryland Photographer: Late Bird Special!!!

Amanda Arnold Holiday Photos

Amanda Arnold Holiday Photos

Amanda Arnold Holiday Photos

Amanda Arnold Holiday Photos

Amanda Arnold Holiday Photos

Life is busy...very busy. For those of you who are busy like me and haven't had the time to get your holiday photos taken, you are in luck. I am going to give mini shoots a whirl. The only way I can make it work is to schedule one or two dates with one outdoor location and schedule sessions within 20 minute time slots. The cost for the 20-minute mini-session is 40 dollars for up to 2 people and 5 dollars for each additional person. You will receive an online gallery showcasing 10-12 images from your shoot including one custom 4"x8" holiday card design. Card packages with envelopes will be available:

20 cards: $25
50 cards: $45
100 cards: $60

You will be able to order professional prints easily through your online gallery link including my favorite luster finish and stretched canvases. Print prices start at just $2.50:

4x6: $2.50
5x7: $6.00
8x10: $10.50

This is a very small sample of the prints available. You can easily make gorgeous holiday gifts of framed prints for UNDER $15.

Time? I will start booking in succession until I fill the day. If you are the first to respond, I will mark you as such and give you the sweet light time slot at 3:30 if you desire and the entire day fills.

If this is popular--we'll do it again on the 6th. Any date after that will be way too tight to turn around in time for the holidays.

The place? Mother's Garden, Downs Park in Pasadena, MD

Yes, you read right, I am giving you custom outdoor portraits, designing your cards, AND making it easy for you to give gorgeous, low-priced gifts...for $40. Happy Holidays Busy People!

Don't wait a second longer to get your photos taken for the holidays. Call (443)623-2524 or email me to book today! Click on any photo to go to my website. You can use the contact form there. Tell all your peeps too! If this works, I can offer it more often!

Maryland Photographer: Old Ellicott City

Maryland Photographer

Maryland Photographer

Maryland Photographer

I arrived a little early for a shoot I had in Ellicott City a few weeks back. I took a little walk and got a couple images. Guy getting a tattoo. Musketeer bubble blower. And a railroad in charcoal.

Maryland Photographer: It Flies By

Baltimore Maryland Child Portrait Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby

Baltimore Maryland Child Portrait Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby

Baltimore Maryland Child Portrait Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby

I am trying really hard not to make this about me--but looking back makes me see how far I have come with my photographs and my style. Lisa, thanks for letting me watch as your family has grown...and grown up. Cherish every moment. It Flies By. Check back for more from their most recent shoot soon!

The Spirit of It Flies By

It Flies By

It Flies By is not just a business for me--in fact it is probably 99% passion and the business part just happened upon this way.

My son. My first son changed ever so slightly every single day and while I was so happy to see him grow and change, with every milestone I held these tiny inner vigils to say goodbye to the smaller, less advanced version of him that I held months, days, sometimes just moments before. And I couldn't let these moments fly by without being honored in some way. And so I thought. It Flies By. It does. And I bought a web domain to document his life called And it was mine. It was unused, but I owned real estate on the web and that was step one.

Then, my love for photography started to grow. I felt that the photos I was taking were a lasting gift that I could pass to my children, my family, and anyone who could appreciate the world as I saw it. I also felt that photography as a passion awakened a tie to my grandmother who was very influential in my life and was the person who documented my own life through photos.

I am a believer in delayed gratification, hard work and reward. I told Nate that I would like a new camera (DSLR) when I had nursed Remy for one year. When he was just 10mths, Nate surprised me with a used Canon Rebel he had purchased for me. And with step three in place, I was ready to begin my life document of my son and my family--It Flies By.

But what happened was that I wanted to be able to provide others with the same feeling--as though they had properly captured what it was about their own children today that made them--them. I wanted to share what I had--my eye, my art, my ability to tell a story in one frame--I wanted to not only tell my story and the story of my family, but I wanted to tell a new story of the world and people as they are and how I'd like them to be in the world of photography.

99% passion. People and Pictures.

Welcome to the first in a series called It Flies By. Customers are happy--and returning--so I can tell their story too. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Maryland Photographer: Rock Band

Maryland photographer

3:22 and feeling a sense of humor while the Murphys are uploading!!! This is the rock band version of the Murphys. Lots of contrast + look like you don't care = cool...right?

Maryland Photographer: The Fall Rush

Baltimore Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby

Fall is a very busy portrait season. I am a teensy bit behind on uploading and packaging, but as you can see, it's almost 2 am, and I hope to wrap up lingering work tonight/this morning to have a clean slate for Sunday's shoots. The boys have a birthday party in the morning--so maybe we'll hit up Starbucks first! I love busy though. I love the calls that rush in just like crisp fall air, each gust bringing us closer to the bare trees of winter as leaves twist, wind, and fall to mingle with one another in crunchy goodness under booted feet. Everyone wants the color of fall and the planners are thinking holiday photos, gifts, and cards. Get in! It's not too late--we'll find a time, and at the very least--kids playing in fallen leaves is always cute too! And if you haven't taken time to lie under a tree like I did to get the photo above, you are missing out!

Patuxent Youth Ballet Nutcracker Photos

Amanda Arnold Photographer

Patuxent Youth Ballet is teaming up with Amanda Arnold of It Flies By Photography to bring you professional,candid photos of the Nutcraker Ballet dress rehearsal and performance on 11/13 and 11/14.

Amanda is an award-winning Baltimore photographerwho specializes in photojournalistic and lifestyle portraits of families and children. She is sure to capture the spirit of the stage and the anticipation behind it! Prints will be available for order 11/27 via password protected website. Photos of subjects under 18 will not be used in portfolio, advertisements, or other media without signed parental consent. For more information contact Amanda at

I am getting excited about the photo journalism side of capturing the wonder and holiday spirit as children prepare and perform in this year's Nutcracker. Prints will be available for order by 11/27 and delivered in time for holiday gifts!