Maryland Photographer: Handmade Halloween

I love Halloween. I am not the creepy, dark, Halloween type. What I love exactly are kids in costumes and pumpkin carving. I took my little brother trick or treating when he was tiny and now I look forward to outfitting my own kids in cute costumes--pretty much all year round. So far, they have racked up costumes of: Mexican Jumping Bean, Will Farrel Elf, Dragon and Store bought Monkey. Though I probably thought of at least 20 more things I'd love to see them be. This year, Shaymus is really into Grover. When I searched for Grover costumes there was only an ADULT version??? Wierd. The photo is hilarious! There was also an old school one on Ebay--but it was the plastic tunic and plastic mask kind that I don't think he'd be willing to wear at this young age. At this point in the story is where I decide to take on sewing the costume myself. I have no sewing machine, no pattern or idea how to use them, and clearly I am equally clueless on yardage because I could easily make 6 more Grovers with the remaining blue crushed velvet I have. After I finished Grover, which Shay loved (as you can see by his break-dancing Grover in the second photo) I thought--I should make Remy a costume too. He is bigger--which meant more time, but mostly just bigger stitches! As you notice, Remy's is still on the hanger--he won't even think about wearing it! I love the pouch in the back for his spare parts. If you too have a moment where you are hand-stitching costumes late into the night while watching old episodes of Mad Men--Cherish it.
Photographer Amanda Arnold