Trick or Treat in New Jersey

In the first pair of photos, Remy is giving his Auntie the "I love you" sign for saving him from Mr Potato Head, outfitting him in Thomas, and giving him spooky caboose train loot! Rory was a bat, who was not blind, but preferred echo location. Kyleigh was a Barbie Musketeer. Shaymus was Grover. Billy was a broken teenager. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold

Maryland Photographer: Handmade Halloween

I love Halloween. I am not the creepy, dark, Halloween type. What I love exactly are kids in costumes and pumpkin carving. I took my little brother trick or treating when he was tiny and now I look forward to outfitting my own kids in cute costumes--pretty much all year round. So far, they have racked up costumes of: Mexican Jumping Bean, Will Farrel Elf, Dragon and Store bought Monkey. Though I probably thought of at least 20 more things I'd love to see them be. This year, Shaymus is really into Grover. When I searched for Grover costumes there was only an ADULT version??? Wierd. The photo is hilarious! There was also an old school one on Ebay--but it was the plastic tunic and plastic mask kind that I don't think he'd be willing to wear at this young age. At this point in the story is where I decide to take on sewing the costume myself. I have no sewing machine, no pattern or idea how to use them, and clearly I am equally clueless on yardage because I could easily make 6 more Grovers with the remaining blue crushed velvet I have. After I finished Grover, which Shay loved (as you can see by his break-dancing Grover in the second photo) I thought--I should make Remy a costume too. He is bigger--which meant more time, but mostly just bigger stitches! As you notice, Remy's is still on the hanger--he won't even think about wearing it! I love the pouch in the back for his spare parts. If you too have a moment where you are hand-stitching costumes late into the night while watching old episodes of Mad Men--Cherish it.
Photographer Amanda Arnold

Maryland Family Photographer: Murphy's Law

Maryland Family Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By

These are the Murphy's, a beautiful family with four girls, and a mom with an eye for a color palette. Fittingly, this is Murphy's Law: Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that states: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."
It is used as either a purely sarcastic musing that things always go wrong, or, less frequently, a reflection of the mathematical law that dictates that, given infinite time, all possible occurrences will eventually take place.

I think this means that if you continue to take photos on land that is more than clearly marked Private Property No Trespassing--the police WILL come. Little more than an hour into shooting, and we said goodbye to what must be the best outdoor studio I could dream of. Which, will soon be demolished. Condos will soon take its place. I am happy to have had the chance to showcase this beautiful space one last time.

Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Maryland Family Photographer: My Fam

Baltimore Maryland Lifestyle Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby
Baltimore Maryland Lifestyle Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby
Baltimore Maryland Lifestyle Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby
Baltimore Maryland Lifestyle Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby
Baltimore Maryland Lifestyle Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby

I fell in love with Nate's grandparents' Rhode Island property last time we were there. It is a lifestyle photographer's (my) dream. There are outbuildings and texture with many gardens and rustic details. I feel like you could do a one man play there and have at least five scenes. So, when Nate expressed he'd like Shay to have a family party--we decided we'd do it RI style and include a family photo session. I was a little sad cause for my NJ family and friends I knew it was a stretch, but we are getting together in Nov for a shoot anyway, and really when you have family spread across 3 states, the opportunities for all-family events are the extremes--weddings, funerals, births--but not really birthdays.

Last time we did a photo shoot with the family, we wore white shirts and jeans. It is easy. It is classic. And those are the two things that will always be going on for that option. Everyone has it. Everyone gets it. But, everyone expects it too, and I don't like expected. I like fresh and interesting with simple composition.

In comes new approach to dressing large groups for photographs. Palettes of neutrals and pop colors. Neutrals are colors like: Grey, black, white, cream, navy, brown. Pop colors are vivid and exciting: red, royal blue, pink, lime green, orange, turquois, etc.. When I sent the invitation for Shay's party, I included a sample palette for the guests with swatches. I think this was the best way I could think of to get people on board without adding personal shopper to my title.

I think the results are good! I am happy with the shoot. Not a uniform, but a complimentary look. We could have used more pop. I did bring extra sweaters in case some forgot or were way off, but they were brown--cause I have lots of brown things. Next time, I will try to bring extra accessories in the pop colors.

Leave a comment. Is it too difficult? Do you like the results? How can I better implement it?

Maryland Baby Photographer: Great-Gramps Hat

Yea, blog followers--I am playing catch up! I have so much more--I'll keep them coming this week! Last week, Shay was on a kick with this hat his Great-Gramps wore in our yard a couple Springs ago. I have since taken the string off so he can play with it safely, but he was really hamming it up this day. I can't believe my second baby is riding the rocking horse I bought at the flea market when I was pregnant with Remy.....Cherish every moment. It Flies By.
Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold
Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold
Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold

Maryland Photographer: Me Times Three

Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby

I don't get to post many photos that really reflect me. I think the last time was my birthday pictures from Patterson Park. We took the family up to Rhode Island this weekend and had an hour or so to hang out and have fun. The backdrops are Nate's elementary school, a middle school, and a skatepark at a high school. Yes, we have lots of fun together. We work alot, so when work is not an option... we play. Mad ups! Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Maryland Portrait Photographer: 25 Alive

Paltimore Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby

A quarter of a century is a big deal, and more people should be celebrating it. If you or someone you know is turning 25, think about giving them the gift of a one-hour, on-location photoshoot. Think big, fancy, rustic, glamorous, whatever you have become comfortable with in your 25 years. Happy Birthday Jessie! Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Caught Blue Handed

Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By

I noticed today that the only time my boys aren't fighting is when they are working together to get into trouble. Cans, q-tips, flour, in our house we call it thrashing. They love to get into things together, and that is about all. Here, they decided it was time for crafts. They did this in the time it took me to switch a load of laundry to the dryer.

Calendar Baby

Amanda Arnold Maryland Photographer It Flies By itfliesby

My photo of Shaymus will be featured in the month of March in the RDA 2010 calendar. Again, RDA is a cloth diaper advocacy group that spreads the message of the benefits cloth diapering has on babies, parents, and the planet. Buy your copy today to support this group. You can also visit their site to get more information about cloth diapering.