Maryland Baby Photographer: RDA Contest Finalist

I used cloth diapers starting when Shaymus was 3 days old. We started with simple white Chinese Prefolds with Snappi fasteners and a cover. When he was large enough, we switched over to a borrowed stash of Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers. We used those exclusively through his 7th month. It was an empowering experience. This may seem strong to describe a diapering experience, and if it just pertained to that, it would be. But, the fact is, I want to be a mother of nursed, cloth-diapered babies. And I have never let being a working mother get in the way of what I want out of child rearing. And, lets face it--cloth diapering used to just be called diapering. This is not a new concept. Though I can attest... the diapers are VERY new in design and functionality.

I subscribed to a blog of a local cloth diaper supplier and advocate. The blog/shop is Soft and Cozy Baby and it is owned and managed by Bayla--a mother--a working, nursing, cloth diapering, babywearing mother like me. If you are expecting, or have alittle one, her site is a great resource for learning about cloth diapers and diapering. Bayla announced a photo contest run by the RDA (Real Diaper Association) in the begninning of the month.

The RDA is a cloth dipaering advocacy group. They announced a photo contest in August. The winners will receive prizes and the selected photos will appear in a 2010 RDA Cloth Diaper calendar featuring real cloth diapered babies. I submitted a photo of Shay when he was just a few weeks old. The focus is his feet, but you can see his prefold/cover peeking out of the leg holes of his onesie...and clearly, he has that big puffy cloth diaper butt. To see my submission, you can click on the link below, or visit my website. There were 175 submissions total, and mine is 1 of 12 chosen to be featured in the calendar! That is all I know as of yet.... believe me... you will know if I win the grand, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes! After seeing the submissions, I started to doubt, and wished I had set up a shot specifically for this contest. I doubted the understated appearance of the diaper. I doubted that Shay had clothes on. I doubted pretty much all of the things that made me choose it in the first place. This is a real diaper, on a real baby. Simple. Back to basics. Clean.

If you are a creative--a designer, a photographer, an artist, a parent with a great eye... enter contests once in a while. It helps keep you inspired and builds credibility in a field that people consider subjective and is flooded with DIY creatives. I have created a new label for "contests". This will be good incentive to enter more. And a place to record those I have entered and won in the past.

It Flies By.


ih0ney said...

congrats! how do you know if you were one of the 12?

itfliesby said...

I was contacted by RDA last weekend. thanks for visiting my blog!