Maryland Photographer...and Artist

I have been trying to remind myself lately that I am an artist. I started a home project last week to create an art gallery that goes down the longest wall in my house...right in the middle. It is the load-bearing wall. Art has been that for me. It has held me standing, and often I forget to celebrate the gift I have. But, when that wall is covered in the art and family I have made, I will feel I have done my creations justice. I thought I would share another shot from Angelica's shoot that I worked on this morning. Yes, I am on a light beam obsession. I added the wings, which is not just cutting out and slapping wings in there since this shot is mostly backlit, and she is covered in the sunglare spectrum. There is art in everyday moments, but sometimes it feels good just to make things up like wings and saturation and tiny light embers at your fingertips. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Baltimore Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby


J said...

absolutely love it!