Maryland Wedding Photographer: Beloved in Natural Light

I was in the wedding party for my friend Addie's wedding. And since there were already two photographers on duty for hire, and clearly I could not shoot the ceremony... I decided to have a game taking all my shots with no flash. This is my love/style/choice 99% of the time anyway, but I thought it would be fun to see the difference in mood from the professionally shot photos that used fill flash. My eyes won't pop like theirs will, and I have some banding from editing, but all the moments are real and the light is true to the actual moment. The wedding photographers were completely tolerant of my desire to shoot alongside them at times...but I also chose to shoot the bridal party and surroundings a bit more. I think that with all three angles, there will be a pretty full documentation of the wedding day for the beautiful bride and her groom. I like the three shots in color with Addie, then Graham looking at Addie, then the couple walking away. If I didn't know better--it looks like a wedding in itself, witnessed only by the photographer and the rhododendron. Thank you to Addie and Graham for letting me be part of this beautiful occasion and the start of your lives together. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.
Baltimore Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby


Rgutro said...

Fantastic photos! We need to talk to you! Rob and Tom