My friend Lisa called today. She is busy like me. Between jobs, she called me to tell me about a photo contest depicting mothers. I searched through my photos since I have been a mother....and what an eye opener. My babies call me Mama. Here we are for you to see. I hope I can give other people this gift of looking back and of seeing love. If you want to leave a comment describing your favorite (before 10 am tomorrow), I will consider it before making my submission, but I am leaning toward the top photo of Remy and me making faces. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Baltimore Maryland Photographer Amanda Arnold It Flies By itfliesby


Jessica said...

Love the top one and love the one of the camera on Remy's head. The camera on Remy's head has a great feeling of "See, kids don't hold you back" and his face says to me "My mom is trying to take your picture... what about it?"