Maryland Children Photographer: Whatever you do, Do not say "cheese"

Maryland Child Photographer Amanda Arnold
I like this shot where Remy looks as though he is whispering a little big brother advice to his hoodie-clad brother. It reminded me that after our holiday craziness of visiting here and there across several states with two sick kids for Christmas this year...when we came back... I was taking a photo, and Remy said:"Cheeeeeese!" How a child can pick up a behavior in just a short time, I dont know. He doesnt ask to wear argyle sweaters! I have heard no mention of gingerbread houses or Santa's lap even! In no way am I being dramatic: I felt ill. For a second, I thought, all of my hard work to document real moments of my children has gone to the can and been replaced by posing and "Cheeeeeese!!!!!". Lying on my belly in the dirt, hiding behind corners, running, ducking, jumping, the Ninja of candid childhood shots--ALL TO WASTE!!! Then, I chose to ignore it. And luckily, like most pesky behaviors we choose to ignore... it went away. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Baltimore Photographer: Second Chance Inc.

A story of Architectural Antiques Salvage.

Jessie, Shaymus and I took a welcome break this week to venture slightly into the city. Jessie went in search of an interesting door knocker. I went to find a place with clutter that had been sitting longer that in my own home. We were both successful. Here are some of the treasures from our trip... which was free in the end. Sorry Second Chance... according to your name, there is always next time.Baltimore Photographer Amanda ArnoldJessie's great-grandfather had a planter like this. Each year, he would paint the planter, and say to his visitors: "Hey! Did you see my a**?" For 45 dollars or with Photoshop, you can carry on the tradition.
Thanks for spending time with us Jess.

Happy Valentine's Day: Art Gallery

Here are a few of the works of artists inspired by love.

Finger painted hearts by Remy Arnold.

Happy Valentine calligraphy by Rory Ryan.

Handprints by Remy and Shaymus Arnold.

Family Love by Monica Gallagher

Hi Honey. What kind of chocolates do you like again? by Amanda Arnold

Maryland Photographer: For Jessie

Amanda Arnold
I got a call from my friend Jessie yesterday that was kinda like Feivel's "Somewhere Out There". As she was calling to tell me about the gorgeous moon in the sky... I was snapping this photo quickly after taking out the recyclables. Jessie is also a Disney fan...and will possibly not appreciate the off-Disney animated reference. Sorry Jess! Here is the moon we shared. The trees look as though they are bowing respectfully. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Children Photographer: You Have a Collect Call From: Anywhere

Baltimore Photographer

Children Photographer: Reflecting on a Snow Day

Baltimore Photographer
The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. I can't believe this shot of Remy in the snow was taken just a short time ago. I loved zooming in close on this one. I could see myself with Shaymus in the carrier reflected back in a snowy scene in Remy's eyes. It is not often you get such catchlights in the bottoms of the eyes, and many may think it is undesirable, but here, it tells the story of SNOW DAY! Cherish every moment. It Flies By.