Roadside Wonders

I guess if you have visited my blog, you'd like to know more about me. I am from South Jersey originally, and I love roadside treasures. You can find this cowboy on Rt. 40 at the Cowtown Rodeo and "farmer's market", which I would call more of a flea market based on the things sold there. It has been a great rest area for me to nurse my babies on the way home in latest years, but marked one of the few things to do on a Saturday night in SJ throughout my childhood. I take my camera with me everywhere. I encourage people to keep a point-and-shoot in your glove compartment--because it will serve you more frequently than gloves would...hopefully for fun photos like this, but practically, it is advisable to have in case you are in an accident. You can learn more about the cowboy here: Maryland Photographer