Children On-Location Photography: My First Anywhere Chair Photo Shoot

Maryland Photographer
Let me start by saying: Happy 2nd Birthday Remy Patrick Arnold! You have been my inspiration since day one! You are the reason for It Flies By. Thank you for the insight you give me every single day. I hope you enjoy rolling your new Gordon train across our less than perfect wood floors. Remy got an "Anywhere Chair" by Pottery Barn from his grandmother last year for Christmas. It has a loop on the back, is light-weight, and can easily be carried from room to room--warranting the company's name. It took a year with this chair for me to brew up an idea about it. I see them in professional photos of children all the time. They are a bit of an upscale mark with saturated colors and interesting prints. Cute-- with child's name embroidered across the back. But those photos never embrace the child-like wonder of something called an "Anywhere Chair". I want to capture that a child could have this chair in his living room, sit down, and be taken anywhere he desires. Remy, Happy Birthday Baby. This Year, we will take you many places with the name of "Anywhere". This is the first in a series. This concept is my baby. If you see it done by someone else... know that the idea started on my son's second birthday, in a mind that is able to truly capture the wonder of a child. Contact me to schedule your child's Anywhere Chair Photo Shoot Today! Cherish every moment. It Flies By.