Event Photography: Happy Birthday Play Date

I invited Remy's friends over for a play date to celebrate his birthday. What's nice about this, is it takes the pressure off of me. If I plan a play date, and have a play date--okay. If I plan a play date and pull off anything close to a party--even better-- but no pressure to do so. We had one friend with allergies and 3 teething, so I thought I would try frozen bananas vs. sugary cake. This would have been super easy if my freezer weren't filled with everything from breast milk to Omaha steak. After arranging them, I put them in the refrigerator--- where they defrosted for an hour before serving... OOPS! Also, Remy normally naps from 1-4pm... so timing was an issue too. I put him down at 1 and woke him up at 3 for the party....and well, I'll let the photos show how things went for him! Maryland PhotographerO well! Maybe next year. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.


Anonymous said...

Melanie and Trevor had a nice time and mommy enjoyed the adult conversation with the other moms! I think the playdate/party was nicely done. Perfect for a two year old party :-) ~Beth

Colleen said...

I missed little Rem's bday :(
This month has been crazy azy, send belated wishes to him from me pleaase!
L-o-v-e your blog, keep up the awesome work.