Children Photography: Anywhere is Going Nowhere

I have been trying to find a means to propose (read get paid for) my Anywhere Chair photo ideas to William-Sonoma company who owns Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids. This company currently sends pretty much the same catalog with new pages containing the same products in new rooms with new bright paint schemes and new white kids in them...and well, it is working for them. But, I still think my idea is great and could possibly give their brand and energetic charge. So, if anyone has experience in writing proposals to large companies pitching great photo/advertising ideas in exchange for cheddar... I am highly interested in hearing from you. In the meantime, here is my handsome man Remy. The photos were taken Anywhere. If your child has an Anywhere chair and you would like to jump on my currently empty bandwagon, contact me for a photo shoot that is so much fun for them. Remy just loves this adventure we have taken on. And on a positive note, at least I feel lucky to be the kind of person who truly makes ideas. They come from me, and they give a bit of a flutter to my heart when they come. Often people ask, where did you get that idea? But, things that you see other places or mold to be your own from another, is not an idea, it is an adoption or adaptation. Ideas come from within. I am fortunate to be an idea- maker. William-Sonoma is currently not hiring for that position. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Maryland Photographer