Baltimore Illustrator: Eat Your Lipstick is the home of Monica Gallagher's artwork, illustrations, and comic books. She is a great colleague and friend of mine, as well as a source for inspiration and support for pursuing a career in what we love. She drew this for me for Christmas. It is her interpretation of where I find inspiration--my children. Interestingly, it mimics a photo I took of two brothers last Spring. Hire her to illustrate your Valentine's Day concept.
Monica Gallagher

Roadside Wonders

I guess if you have visited my blog, you'd like to know more about me. I am from South Jersey originally, and I love roadside treasures. You can find this cowboy on Rt. 40 at the Cowtown Rodeo and "farmer's market", which I would call more of a flea market based on the things sold there. It has been a great rest area for me to nurse my babies on the way home in latest years, but marked one of the few things to do on a Saturday night in SJ throughout my childhood. I take my camera with me everywhere. I encourage people to keep a point-and-shoot in your glove compartment--because it will serve you more frequently than gloves would...hopefully for fun photos like this, but practically, it is advisable to have in case you are in an accident. You can learn more about the cowboy here: Maryland Photographer

Children Photography: Anywhere is Going Nowhere

I have been trying to find a means to propose (read get paid for) my Anywhere Chair photo ideas to William-Sonoma company who owns Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids. This company currently sends pretty much the same catalog with new pages containing the same products in new rooms with new bright paint schemes and new white kids in them...and well, it is working for them. But, I still think my idea is great and could possibly give their brand and energetic charge. So, if anyone has experience in writing proposals to large companies pitching great photo/advertising ideas in exchange for cheddar... I am highly interested in hearing from you. In the meantime, here is my handsome man Remy. The photos were taken Anywhere. If your child has an Anywhere chair and you would like to jump on my currently empty bandwagon, contact me for a photo shoot that is so much fun for them. Remy just loves this adventure we have taken on. And on a positive note, at least I feel lucky to be the kind of person who truly makes ideas. They come from me, and they give a bit of a flutter to my heart when they come. Often people ask, where did you get that idea? But, things that you see other places or mold to be your own from another, is not an idea, it is an adoption or adaptation. Ideas come from within. I am fortunate to be an idea- maker. William-Sonoma is currently not hiring for that position. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Maryland Photographer

Musician/Performer Photography: Two Places at One Time

Maryland PhotographyDJ Remedy is a featured DJ on Sirius and XM radio on channel Shade 45. Mixing a 90s hip-hop blend, he can be heard every Saturday at 8:30pm. For a beat that hits so hard you can't sit still--tune in. This Saturday night (9pm), he will take the stage at Sonar in Baltimore in a DJ battle he is sure to win! Be there--for me! You can listen to him on the radio on the way there! I guess there is even a moment for talking smack. Cherish it.

Infant Photographer: Join the Chub

Maryland PhotographerBecause we all just love cheeks and bright eyes. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Event Photography: A Dream Come True

Maryland Photographer

One million people or greater

Event Photography: Happy Birthday Play Date

I invited Remy's friends over for a play date to celebrate his birthday. What's nice about this, is it takes the pressure off of me. If I plan a play date, and have a play date--okay. If I plan a play date and pull off anything close to a party--even better-- but no pressure to do so. We had one friend with allergies and 3 teething, so I thought I would try frozen bananas vs. sugary cake. This would have been super easy if my freezer weren't filled with everything from breast milk to Omaha steak. After arranging them, I put them in the refrigerator--- where they defrosted for an hour before serving... OOPS! Also, Remy normally naps from 1-4pm... so timing was an issue too. I put him down at 1 and woke him up at 3 for the party....and well, I'll let the photos show how things went for him! Maryland PhotographerO well! Maybe next year. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Children Photography: Get a Life

Baltimore PhotographerIt is Wednesday--my day off. This Wednesday, like most, I took my bundled up child to the grocery store. We were pretty much out of everything, but it was a quick trip, because I am used to taking 2 children with me. Since Shaymus was asleep, we knocked about 25 minutes off our usual time by leaving him home with Nate. It was nice, because Remy was not tempted to break yogurt containers on the floor of the check out aisle by the time we got there either. Anyway, this week, they were totally out of Life cereal--Remy's favorite. This is what he thinks of Chex. Got it: Accept no substitute. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Children On-Location Photography: My First Anywhere Chair Photo Shoot

Maryland Photographer
Let me start by saying: Happy 2nd Birthday Remy Patrick Arnold! You have been my inspiration since day one! You are the reason for It Flies By. Thank you for the insight you give me every single day. I hope you enjoy rolling your new Gordon train across our less than perfect wood floors. Remy got an "Anywhere Chair" by Pottery Barn from his grandmother last year for Christmas. It has a loop on the back, is light-weight, and can easily be carried from room to room--warranting the company's name. It took a year with this chair for me to brew up an idea about it. I see them in professional photos of children all the time. They are a bit of an upscale mark with saturated colors and interesting prints. Cute-- with child's name embroidered across the back. But those photos never embrace the child-like wonder of something called an "Anywhere Chair". I want to capture that a child could have this chair in his living room, sit down, and be taken anywhere he desires. Remy, Happy Birthday Baby. This Year, we will take you many places with the name of "Anywhere". This is the first in a series. This concept is my baby. If you see it done by someone else... know that the idea started on my son's second birthday, in a mind that is able to truly capture the wonder of a child. Contact me to schedule your child's Anywhere Chair Photo Shoot Today! Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Landscape Photography: Winter Trees

Maryland PhotographerWinter trees often get overlooked. Fall is the rush! Everyone rushes into the color explosion with sweaters and jackets for gorgeously saturated family photos, hoping to get the shot before the last leaf falls. Winter trees can be far more interesting at times. Whether the branches bow and plummet to the ground like this or, more traditionally, reach in every direction set against a white sky. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

I Shot a Buck this Season!

Maryland PhotographerI was "shooting" pictures of the branches on this interesting winter tree. As I looked closer, I saw the face of a gorgeous white tail staring back at me--with the most beautiful rack I have ever seen. If you are a hunter and missed out this season, click on the image and mount this guy up. If you are one who doesn't believe in the sport, it can serve you equally well. It's funny because I bet this happens to hunters all the time. They prepare for months, then sit in the cold air for months, often times to find nothing.... Then, someone who may not even be looking--gets the best of hunt! I'll post more of this interesting tree. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Toddler Photographer: The Incredible Faux Hawk

Maryland Photographer

Infant Photographer: Shaydreaming About You

Maryland PhotographerThe look on Shay's face looks as though he has discovered so much more than his feet. He is in a deep Shaydream. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Infant Photographer: Baby Anatomy

Maryland PhotographerMama! Did you know that under my cheeks and my belly there are these things called FEET?! Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Children Photography: Chucks & Cheeks

Maryland PhotographerNo time for rocking... this boy is on the move! Little guy was sick for Christmas, but he has bounced back and is loving life. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.

Life Photography: It's a New Year. I've Got a New Change in Gear.

Maryland PhotographerNew Year's Resolutions: I hear people say they don't believe in New Year's Resolutions...and I think, what is there not to believe in? Setting goals? Aspiring to be a better cook, chess player, citizen, human? I believe. And I will share with the masses my goal for the year--Relax. I will Relax as much as I (a wife and working, nursing mother of two) can in a small home with no closets to hide clutter and plenty of corners to catch puffs of dog fur. I will relax and take time for me once in awhile, and if I can't--I will bathe in the idea of it often. Because, I believe this will make me a better person to myself and my family. Resolutions...if you have one, leave a comment! Peace to all in the New Year, a chance to start all over again if you need to. Cherish every moment. It Flies By.